WEBO Pulsar User Agreement appendix #1

This appendix is an internal part of User Agreement.

The approximate value of 1 w is $0.005. You can get exact price of w in WEBO Software online store.

Daily expenses are being continuously withdrawn from the balance (there is daily fee given), one-time expenses are withdrawn at a time. Let's take an example. You have 2 URLs, which are being tested via HTTP with GET method every 10 minutes. There are no SMS notifications. So you daily expenses (for 2x144=288 tests) are 10 w.

If you are using several edges to test wesite availability (i.e. Amsterdam + Moscow), overall daily fee will be multiplied with the number of edges.

Tests cost calculation

Total: $3
per month

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Daily fee (for one test, one edge)

Test type Once a day Once in 12 hours Once in 6 hours Once in 3 hours Once a hour Once in 30 minutes Once in 10 minutes Once in 5 minutes Once a minute
HTTP HEAD w w w w w w w w 40 w
HTTP GET w w w w w w w 10 w 50 w
HTTP POST w w w w w w w 12 w 60 w
HTTPS HEAD w w w w w w w 16 w 80 w
HTTPS GET w w w w w w 10 w 20 w 100 w
HTTPS POST w w w w w w 12 w 24 w 120 w
FTP w w w w w w w 10 w 50 w
FTPS w w w w w w 10 w 20 w 100 w
PING w w w w w w w w 40 w
DNS w w w w w w w 10 w 50 w
15 w 30 w 60 w 120 w 360 w 720 w 1440 w 2880 w
25 w 50 w 100 w 200 w 600 w 1200 w 2400 w 4800 w

One-time fees

Send SMS notification when down: 8 w

Send SMS notification when down (outside Russia): 20 w

Create detailed log when down or page load: 15 w

Create screenshot on page load: 5 w

Support (one case): 5000 w

Corporate support (during a month): 13000 w


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